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Journal Update
Journal January 25, 2014
If there were ever a time I should have kept my Journal going, it would have been through the entire 2013. What a helluva year it was. I’m glad it’s in the past, even more I’m glad I survived it, knowing it will always be there I realized I can’t let the story end there. So moving on is key, the goals I had before the challenges remain in place and the focus to achieve those goals is a priority.

I’ve had some really dark periods meaning, I prayed and prayed and fought and fought for things to get better. If you want to catch up on how I dealt with it, check out my Facebook page, I turned to doing video blogs and I posted them on my Facebook page, I’m going to set up my website to support video blogging, so you can view them here, until then you can see the blogs there:


So this being a new year, 2014 and counting, it’s only right I start it off on the right foot. Luckily I spent the New Year with friends from high school. They threw a throwback party it dawned on me half way through the night when all I heard were 80’s jams like Guy, Slick Rick and old Keith Sweat. These are the cats I grew up with in Chino, CA it was good to be around the homies, after high school I used to try and impress them with my porn connections and parties, we had a group called the Scandalous Posse, we were a group of about 10 and we would have our names on fliers hosting parties and shit around the city this was in 1987 and we were a click, a group of dudes who threw house parties and liked being known. One of the first movies I directed was an all black feature for Video Team and the story took place in a nightclub and there was a party scene so I invited all my friends from the posse to Club Scandalous. It was cool to watch their faces as they saw the club’s name up in lights and they all got the joke and started giving me props for pulling off what was at the time, some shit I never imagined I could do. It was my way of giving and saying thanks for the support they had given me through high school and beyond. Going into the New Year, surrounded by the friends who had passed no judgment and showed loved through ups and down was one of the best possible ways to go into the New Year. I’m taking that energy with me and gonna do some positive shit with it. I let a lot of things knock me around and down, but I’m stronger now, I know we’re all human and making mistakes is a fact of life and sometimes we can feel like the world has turned against us…or at least that’s how I felt. But dam if I found out the hard way who my real friends were. Matter of fact I kept a list. Hahaha. Can’t wait to repay them cause I owe a few people more than they know. Happy New Year!!! I wish you the best…cause the best is yet to come.

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- Tym wrote:
Hey Mr. Marcus,
I am proud to be one of your gay fans. I am aware that your are not gay, bisexual or even curious, and that's cool. That being said, I have a few questions for you.
  1. Does it bother you that some of your male co-stars are bisexual?
  2. When fucking, do you prefer pussy or ass?
  3. When double-fucking (not dp), and your dick is in the same hole as one of your male co-stars, what is going through your mind?
That's all....keep it sexy, brother!

Funny way of asking me some gay like questions.
  1. It doesn't bother me, but I think it gets to be a problem when actors/actresses go back and forth between the gay industry and straight industry, I believe it creates health issues.
  2. I prefer the PUSSY
  3. I haven't done a DP or double fuckin in a loooooooong time, but when I did all I thought about was the Girl and how good her stretched out pussy felt. #truth
Thanks for the questions.
- Mr. Marcus

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My Thoughts Update
January 10, 2013
Bitch dont kill my vibe

Once you go black you keep it like that

Count your blessings then count them again

In the middle of difficulties lies opportunity – Albert Einstein

What’s love got to do with it if you don’t love yourself – Kendrick Lamar

I grew up with OhMamaCare

He who smiles in a crisis has found someone to blame

Laugh at your problems, everybody else does

Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity

Don’t argue with an idiot they will drag you down and beat you with experience – anonymous

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LA Times Coliseum Article
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The Humanity of Porn Star Mr. Marcus by Douglas Williams
(The Weissman Report) At any given moment, somewhere in the world, there are flickering televisions illuminating darkened rooms whilst a soundtrack of moans and groans stimulates the neurons of lustful gawkers. Lovemaking is the genesis of humanity, yet it has been cloaked with inhumane admonishments by a passel of religious zealots and moral police. Lovemaking has been whipped into a banished corner by colorful and brutish labels such as, “fucking,” “screwing,” “banging,” and the like. Further diminishing the so-called “purity” of the primitive behavior of lovemaking (in the eyes of purists) is the capitalist nucleus of the adult film industry.
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CM Interview with Mr. Marcus by Hector De La Rosa
Throughout history, African Americans are stereotyped with penalizing depictions that constructed a framework of mental marginalization: irresponsibility, violent tendencies, and criminals, unintelligent, profane, to sexually promiscuous and oversexed.  However, I beg to differ with few celebrity encounters including The Man and famous porn star Mr. Marcus who carries himself as responsible, charismatic, respectful, humble, and an intelligent gentleman.  Without condoning Mr. Marcus’ lifestyle or hustle, it is a pleasure of meeting someone who did become a statistic to crime and incarceration but a successful entrepreneur, author, foremost a survivor.  This article sheds a distinct light of him that holds substance than a typical Q&A explicit content.
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Mr. Marcus Is the World’s Greatest Appreciator of Women
No man is perfect, not even Mr. Marcus. But one thing that can surely be said of the iconic male performer is that he truly appreciates women. Not just some women, not just certain body types or looks, and not just women who exude a certain appeal … but all women. He is, at the end of the day, the ultimate equal opportunity appreciator.
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- Bethany Benz, aka "Cavier" from The Love of Ray J!
- Evanni Solei
- Baby Cakes
- Melody Nakai
- Aurora Jolie

- Mr. Marcus
- Flash Brown
- Lexington Steele
- Nat Turnher

Song written specifically for the movie titled Sex Drive by pop/R&B star Nadia Now

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This one is worth the wait in every way. The cast is incredible and as the box says, there isn’t a fake boob in the fucking house.
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Legends of Erotica 2011
It was about that time that Mr. Marcus arrived, accompanied by fellow performer Lexington Steele—and in a welcome surprise, veteran performer Julian St. Jox showed up a few minutes later, and Margold welcomed all three up onto the stage. The trio posed for photos, and Marcus reminisced about his time in the industry, and how he "idolized" St. Jox.

"Marcus is a true pussy-hound," St. Jox responded.

Steele also told a story about how the three of them had been in Tokyo several years ago, and that even though none of them spoke Japanese, Marcus had nonetheless managed to pick up two local girls, neither of whom spoke any English.

We left just as Marcus was placing his hands into the cement, and Pistol had earlier noted that he'd like to take all of the imprinted cement blocks and create a sort of "Grauman's Chinese Theater of Porn"—but that's a story for another day.
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Your book is a game-changer. I started reading it the evening I bought it. Not what I expected...in a very good way. I never got any complaints from any of the guys I've been with & have an awesome set of skills in my reperoitre, but your book helped me up my game, big time! I appreciate your openess and straight forward approach. I've always found men so complex, especially when sex is involved. The book taught me to take a deeper look at what I want sexually and to communicate my desires verbally & non-verbally. I've started noticing how intuitive some men are. It's so sexy when a man can read my eyes and know that I want him. Practice makes perfect, especially with your book!


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Part 3
The mood went from social too suspicious as every male in the room, just for a moment, thinks of the possibilities. She felt the energy shift it was her job to know what men were thinking, to anticipate what they would do, before they did it. Her sixth sense kicked in and she started laughing out loud to the thought of what they must be thinking. Those that sensed how awkward this must be making her feel, decided to laugh along with her, not knowing what they were laughing about and those guys who were focused on the TV just sat there in silence. The sounds coming from the TV mixed with the silence, the uncomfortable laughter and the groans and moans of sex. Porn the business of sex had once again been put on display. Creating a strange mix of party, pleasure and perplexity. She glanced back at the TV set and instantly recognized the people on the screen, she smiled on the inside, because it was one of her favorite performers. Someone must of noticed she was enjoying what she was watching and could tell she seemed comfortable sitting in a room full of guys watching porn.

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